Classes and workshops are held at Antalee Wellness Spa in Glenview, IL.   Please contact the Spa for information on class times, dates and how to register.

Antalee Wellness Spa
1834-36 Glenview Road, 2nd Floor
Glenview, IL  60025
(847) 486-1130


Introduction to the Chakra System

Heard of the chakras but don’t know what they are? In this class, you’ll learn about these critically important energy points of the body that directly influence your health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Understanding the chakras and how they work gives you control to heal yourself and your life in ways you never thought possible! In class, you’ll experience a very powerful meditation to open and cleanse each chakra – people just love this one! Click here for more info.


Meditation for Beginners

In this class you’ll enjoy a relaxing evening of meditation and learn more about its unbelievable benefits for mind, body and soul. This class is for anyone interested in learning more about this life transforming method, and for anybody feeling overwhelmed with the idea of adding one more thing to their “to do” list, because the deep relaxation experienced from meditation can be achieved in just a few minutes, reducing your stress level immediately. It’s a wonderful tool to have for a very busy lifestyle. The greatest benefit is it gives the control over your well-being to YOU. Click here for more info.


Attracting Prosperity

Inspired by the movie, “The Secret,” this class was created to help spread the word about the most powerful law of the universe – the law of attraction. This law was understood and used by most of the great achievers in our history, and now you, too, can take advantage. What’s important to understand here is that you really can create anything in your life you want: more money, better relationships, a soul mate, health, your ideal job. In this class, you’ll learn how – and change your life forever… by creating the life you really want! Click here for more info.

Please check this page regularly for changes and additions to classes and workshops offered.